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01Our idea of Strade

We believe that the tallent and expressiveness of every child and adolescent can become, together with the community, key actors in the process of opposing/contrast to the new forms of social poverty and in the (re)appropriation and creation of inclusive spaces.

We believe that human rights must be defended and respected in every single kilometer of STRADA (road) that we transit/pass/walk.


Create, facilitate and offer educational, orientation and accompanying proposals directed to children and adolescents in context of marginality, educational poverty and social exclusion, starting from the social value of the Strada (street)


The history, the human dimension of every single kid, every single adolescent before anything else. We give voice and rewrite together, with the words and sensibility of those who experience these situations, the discomfort and social marginality.


We create, facilitate Intersections of Creativity and expressiveness in order to help the youngest to find their own personal and social dimension, overcoming the discomfort in which they find themself. We work in order to freely flourish their abilities, their talents and build together a life alternative and find new intersections of opportunities.

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