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What do we do

We bring educational and creative opportunities for fragile children and youngsters in Italy and Worldwide.

Educational and Creative Activies

Our educational and creative activities are totally out of charge and involve children and youngsters living in difficult situations. Activities can move on territories, thanks to our Creative Caravans, or be stable whether organized in schools, daily centres, youth centres.

Project Italy

In Italy we design activities involving territories, local institutions and relevant stakeholders. This gives us the opportunity to meet children and youngsters in need of educational and creative support. Often, most of them are “invisible” and live in shadows made of severe social exclusion. Our projects aim at reducing their fragilities and create safe-nets around them for designing new opportunities for life.

Projects Worldwide

STRADE was born to cover kilometres with no geographic borders.  We welcome requests coming from European and International countries, supporting development cooperation processes, working along with civil society Organizations operating in emergency situations and defending human rights, especially children and youngsters in neglected areas.

How To Support Us

Every day, in Italy and in the world, you will support our free activities for children and youngsters living in severe poverty and in difficult situations.


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Who We Are

A Non-Governmental Organization working on Street Education for children and youngsters.

Education and Creativity

Our activities are based on non-formal education. We use arts and creativity as universal language for expressing emotions and support personal and social development of fragile children and youngsters.

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